Working areas

The different areas or working paths are «Collective Defense of Territory», «Indigenous Women´s Rights», «Free wind of the south», which is our area of comunication and «Administration and Good Management».


Collective Defense of Territory

This areas is the oldest and has as an objective to promote the integrity of the territory and the self determination of the indigenous communities about it. We understand the territory as the base of life in the communities, composed of water, soil, air, flora, fauna and the cultural tradtitions including the ways of decision making in the assembly, a system of proper authorities and their agriculture (the milpa).

The functions of this area are:

  1. Accompany processes of conservation and care for the natural resources of the comunities.
  2. Facilitating the comunitarian, regional and national process of territorial defense.
  3. Offer legal advice to the comunitarian problems related to the territory.
  4. Give education and training in the topics of: Land, territory, resources, legislation and the ones that emerge necesary in the process.
  5. Promote the organizational process of authorities and communities.
  6. Elaborate materials of difusion about collective rights of the indigenous people.
  7. Contribute to the construction of solutions in intercomunitarian conflicts.


Indigenous Women’s Rigths

This area has the objective to advance in the construction of equative gender relations through the recognition of women’s rights, the construction of spaces where the practice of their individual and colective rights are promoted and the promotion of the women’s participation in comunitarian places of decision making.

We work for the promotion of the participation of the indigenous women in all the parts of life, with the full recognition of their right. This implicates to work starting from the personal, the daily life, as well of the people as of the institutions and their projects. The development of this work is done by using the traditional spaces of participation, the existing rights and the indigenous cosmovision as starting points to construct the human right of the women based on their own cultures.

The functions of this area are:

  1. Promotion and defense of the women’s and colective rights at the interior of the organization and in the comunities where we work.
  2. Promote together with the women the recognition of their rights and their participation in the comunitarian places of decision making.
  3. Construct local spaces and link regional spaces for the exchange of experience, self awareness and care and political training of the women to construct egalitarian relations and to fortifiy the defense of their rights.
  4. Make aliances between the bases with which Tequio Juridico works and organizations or spaces that share the same position or objective.
  5. In case of legal advice, listen to the problem, analize the posible solutions and direct women that suffer violence to instances or organizations that offer profesional, reliable and serios attention.
  6. Accompany processes of self management and colective proyects of women for the practice of their individual and colective rights.


Lagua Axalga Guema Gaja – Free wind of the south

The objective of this area is to provide information about the problems in the region and of the comunities with which Tequio Juriridico works. We elaborate and distribute booklets, newsletter, audios and videos to generate awareness and to fortify their capabilities to take action and organize.

The base of this work is the recognition of the comunitarian pillars: the tequio (a form of comunitarian work that is obligatory, without renumeration and for the common good), the comunitarian festivities, the assembly, the system of posts or responsibilities, the historic memory and the comunal ownership of the land.



Administration and Good Management

This area is responsible for the administration and the management of proyects and


  • Proposes and manages the proyects, based on the incomes and the decisions of the assembly.
  • Monitors the execution of the proyects.
  • Realizes the good handling of economic resources, goods and inventory.
  • It is responsible for the elaboration of the accountability of the organization.

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